Can Your Small Business Make Money on YouTube?

This week, I read an article by Ben Duchesney about creating a YouTube channel that helps your small business make money. He said: “If you want to make your small business famous – YouTube famous – now is a good time to start.” It sounds so simple. For my other company, I have a YouTube channel. Therefore, I can tell you it is not that simple. I want to dive into the article and explain my first-hand experience with it. Continue Reading →

Kan je geld verdienen op YouTube met een klein bedrijf?

Laatst las ik een artikel van Ben Duchesney over het oprichten van een YouTubekanaal waarmee je kleine bedrijf geld kan verdienen. Hij zei: “Als je je kleine bedrijf beroemd wilt maken – YouTubeberoemd – dan is dit een goed moment om te beginnen.” Het klinkt zo eenvoudig. Voor mijn andere bedrijf, heb ik een YouTubekanaal. Daarom kan ik je vertellen dat het niet zo eenvoudig is. Kan je geld verdienen op YouTube met een klein bedrijf? In deze blog duik ik in het artikel en deel ik mijn ervaring. Continue Reading →

What Alternatives are There for Small Creators on YouTube?

On January 16, 2018, YouTube has announced major monetization changes. Creators must now accrue four thousand hours of watch time over the course of twelve months and reach a thousand subscribers to join YouTube’s Partner Program and qualify for monetization. This is a big change from the company’s previous rules. As a result, small creators are worried about their future income. What other video platforms are there and how can you make money by posting videos on them? This blog lists ten alternatives and answers if you can make money using those alternatives. Continue Reading →

How to Start a Vlog for Your Business the Right Way

I am preparing for vlogs on my website, which is a Dutch website about lesbian parenting. I have a few LGBT events coming up and I want to add videos to my blogs for several reasons. I am thinking about taking a vlogging course, but I want to be prepared for that as well, so you may read some more blogs about vlogging from me in the future. I love taking you on my learning journey!
As I am a newbie to vlogging, you will find the basics in this blog. Why should a company be vlogging and how do you get started? Are there things you should NOT do when vlogging and how can your vlog have the biggest effect? Those are the questions in my mind right now and those are the questions I hope to answer in this blog. First, I will list reasons why a company should be vlogging and then I will list 15 ways how to launch a vlog without failing. Continue Reading →