The Ultimate List of Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

there are so many reasons why you should be blogging. Just type in ‘blogging reasons’ in a search machine and you will find thousands of articles telling you why you should be blogging. Rather than being original this week, I want to create an ultimate list for you, so you do not have to read all those articles. If you are an entrepreneur and you have not started blogging for your business yet, this ultimate list should persuade you, even if you are a bit afraid of starting. Continue Reading →

How to Write Killer Blog Headlines – The Ultimate Guide

Blogging has never been more important for businesses. However, getting people to read those amazing blogs you write can be quite difficult. One way to fix this is to come up with killer blog post headlines. There is an art to writing post headlines and bloggers have to master this art in order to attract more visitors. Fortunately, this ultimate guide will help you master this art quickly! First, you will find out why the headline is the most important part of a blog. Then, you will find a list of 52 tips, tricks, hacks, and tools to come up with killer blog post headlines. Finally, you will discover 34 proven headline formulas that you can use. Continue Reading →