How Do You Easily Build a Multilingual Website?

I have already talked about how machine translations can only be a solution when you have user-generated content on your website. You should really use a professional translator for all your other texts. It is nice to see that webmasters agree with me. For instance, warns you not to use (free) translation tools. Because you often see the perspective of a translator on this blog, I think it is interesting to show you how webmasters look at a multilingual website in this blog post. This way, you have all the information you need if you are looking for a multilingual website for your company. Continue Reading →

4 Important Questions Your Translator May Ask You

Are you looking for a translator but do you have no idea what to expect when you hire one for your translation job? Well, communication is key. Most translators already provide much information on their website but you may still have some questions. You may be surprised but there are also questions your translator may ask you! In this blog, you will find 4 questions your translator may ask you. If you want to establish clear communication, you can already address these questions in your first email to the translator. Continue Reading →

Why to Include Social Media Translations in Your Marketing Strategy

Last week, I published the ultimate guide to a perfect social media strategy. There is one issue to consider that might be added to that guide, which is social media translations. If your company is working on an international market, you have to decide whether you want to stay in your native language or adopt a multilingual approach.
My advice would be to use more than one language because you need to target the right people in the right place at the right time. You may be wasting your time and money if all your posts are in English when fifty percent of your customers are Spanish. In this blog post, you will find background information regarding social media translations, tips for launching a multilingual social media campaign as well as some considerations for social media translations. Continue Reading →

7 Big Obstacles to Repeat Business You Should Avoid

Every day, businesses are pouring all their resources into attracting new customers while neglecting the customers they already have. They are missing out on a huge opportunity because current customers are far easier to re-engage and resell to. Are you not selling enough to current customers? The following obstacles might be the reasons why. Overcome them and you might be able to sell a lot more! Continue Reading →