The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Social Media Strategy

Marketers who document strategies are 538% more likely to report success, those who document processes are 466% more likely to be successful, and 88% of marketers who set goals actually achieve them. That is why you need a documented social media strategy. Creating a documented social media strategy focused on processes and goals will improve your results. Here, you will find everything you need to plan your work and work your plan. Continue Reading →

The 7 Most Read Social Media Blogs of 2017

Social media is a topic that I love researching because as an online entrepreneur in this digital age, staying up to date in this field is of utmost importance. For instance, I only started using a business account on Instagram this year because I finally had the right idea for it. I also love sharing what I have found and given the number of readers these blogs have seen, you appreciate that. This list of most read social media blogs includes dark social, video, Instagram, and much more. Find it here! Continue Reading →