The Instagram Statistics You Should Know in 2020 [Infographic]

Squarelovin recaps Instagram’s growth story when they recall that on October 6, 2010, Instagram was published. One million users signed up in the first two months, and after one year, Instagram had 10 million members. Today, 1 billion people share 95 million pictures a day on average. In Sponsored Posts on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide, you were able to read that 500 million of those users are engaging on the platform daily. Those users are not just engaging with their friends; they are engaging with brands too. Doing well on Instagram as a brand can help you increase your sales, so in this blog post, you will read what Instagram statistics you should know in 2020 to make the most out of your strategy. Continue Reading →

Instagram Ads: Best Practices for Beginners

You may be a brand that is thinking about running Instagram ads but has not tried anything yet. You might be like me and have tested an Instagram ad or two to see how it works. In two instances, it did not work for me at all. I wanted to highlight a 24-hour giveaway, but Instagram’s review process took longer than those twenty-four hours! A third try, where I did not have a time limit, did work out nicely.
Still, these three tries made me ask how I can do a better job with Instagram ads. Therefore, in this blog post, I dive into the best practices of Instagram ads. First, I want to show a recent change in these ads, so you have all the relevant information before you starting developing an ad strategy. Continue Reading →

Social Media for Startups: Where to Begin?

You have just founded your company, or you are planning on starting your company soon. You know you need to be on social media, but you do not know where to begin. So many options are available but how can you best approach them and which ones are right for your brand? In this social media for startups blog post, I describe where you can begin. Continue Reading →

Your Instagram Like Count Might be Removed. Now What?

Recently, I learned that Instagram is experimenting with removing the like count feature in seven countries. If you search for information about this change, you will find articles with titles containing phrases like ‘remove the pressure,’ ‘turning point,’ and ‘shift tactics.’ Something as small as removing a like count appears to move people to question big strategies. Wasn’t the like count supposed to be a vanity metric? In this blog post, I examine what the Instagram like count removal could mean for entrepreneurs and influencers. Continue Reading →

Instagram Captions: How to Skyrocket Engagement

I am not going to lie. Sometimes, I am very jealous of the way people write their Instagram captions. Are there more important things in life? For sure! Still, I would not mind improving my caption game. Instagram captions can be a powerful tool that can make or break your post. Therefore, I am examining Instagram caption best practices in this blog post. If you are using your Instagram account for business purposes too, you can learn from these experts how you can skyrocket engagement and reach your set goals. Continue Reading →

Ways to Announce the Winner of Your Instagram Contest

For the past two weeks, I have been researching the best practices of Instagram contests as I am planning to hold one in a few weeks. Two weeks ago, I examined Instagram contests in general. Last week, I explored how to pick a winner best. This week, I want to examine the ways that you can announce the winner of your Instagram contest. Announcing the winner seems like the fun part to me! Continue Reading →

Instagram Contest: How to Pick a Winner

As I told you last week, I am interested in running an Instagram contest. There was one topic I only discussed briefly: how to pick a winner. I learned that there are several ways that you can approach this important part of the contest. In this blog post, I list several methods of picking a winner as well as their benefits or drawbacks. Continue Reading →

How to Run a Winning Instagram Contest

I have been enjoying my Instagram business account for a while now. It has been going fairly well since I started using it about two years ago. I want to do something back for my followers while simultaneously trying to grow my account and boost engagement. A contest is something I have been thinking about, but since it would be the first time, I want to be prepared. What are the dos and don’ts when it comes to an Instagram contest? What rules should you follow? What are the best practices? I have researched it and want to share with you what I found. Continue Reading →

Wat is de beste manier om Facebook Stories zakelijk te gebruiken?

Een tijdje terug heb ik een blog uitgebracht over hoe je Facebook Stories zakelijk kunt gebruiken. Deze was geschreven in het Engels, dus het leek me handig om de informatie ook in het Nederlands aan te bieden. Als je degene bent die de socialmediakanalen van je bedrijf beheert, dan kun je weleens overweldigd raken door alle nieuwe apps of functies. Facebook Stories is een van die modernere functies op een platform dat je mogelijk al jaren gebruikt. Wat is het, hoe kan je bedrijf hiervan profiteren, hoe kan je bedrijf het beste omgaan met Facebook Stories en wat zijn bekende best practices? Dit artikel gaat je er alles over vertellen. Continue Reading →