Image SEO: Often Forgotten but Not Insignificant

If you are like me, you try to perfect every piece of content you publish. For me, most of the time, this content consists of blog posts on two of my websites and videos on my YouTube channel. Images are an essential part of these pieces of content. Nevertheless, how often do you REALLY think about them before you post them? Images actually deserve a significant portion of the attention you pay to SEO. In this blog post, I will explain the importance of image SEO and share with you an infographic that offers a step-by-step guide for ranking in Google Images. Continue Reading →

How to Find Inspiration for Content Creation When You Are Tired

Finding inspiration for your content creation can be a little tricky and writing may sometimes feel like an obligation. Content is important because it fuels our SEO initiatives, social media feeds, and advocacy marketing efforts. If you are hitting the wall with your content schedule, do not worry too much. Even if you feel uninspired, there are easy ways to get inspired again. Here is how! Continue Reading →

What is the Best SEO Tool for Freelancers and Small Business Owners?

Choosing the right SEO tool can be a hard task as the competitive landscape of SEO tools has become so broad. Using the right tools can make the difference between successful SEO campaigns (with happy customers and more significant profit) and unsuccessful SEO campaigns (with hours of frustration and little to no results).
For small business owners and freelancers, it may even be harder. Freelancers and small business owners have much on their plate and, therefore, they need the best SEO tool out there to make time available for their core business, even though they may not make much money (yet).
In this blog, I discuss why you need a SEO tool and what factors you need to consider when picking the best SEO tool for you. Then, I explore some of the best SEO tools currently available, so you know from which ones you can pick. Continue Reading →

New to Keyword Research? Here are the Best Resources and Tools!

Are you launching a new website or blog and are you not sure how to reach your target audience? Keywords are key and finding the ones that best match your audience’s needs can be quite daunting, especially if you are just learning about SEO. This blog lists 5 resources and 10 tools that come in handy for beginners. Continue Reading →

Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Year Advances in professional video production equipment and in smartphone technology, as well as the ease of use of video platforms, enable entrepreneurs to Continue Reading →