No Personal Branding Needed – The Entrepreneur Can Win Another Way

I have fallen in the trap of thinking I need to spend time on personal branding too. In fact, I have written a blog post listing tips and a blog post about the reasons why. Most of the blog posts you see written about personal branding focus on social media. I think by now, more and more people realize that social media can come in handy but that they are not real life. The negative consequences that social media and its vanity metrics can have on one’s mental health are highlighted increasingly more. Yes, you can look good on social media, but people do not necessarily buy that self-created image anymore. What can you do as an entrepreneur to keep winning? Two authors have recently argued that no personal branding is required. What a relief. Continue Reading →

25+ of the Most Popular Marketing Blog Posts of 2018

As it is December, it is a great time to look back at 2018 and see what we have learned in the field of marketing. This ever-changing field is so important to us entrepreneurs and freelancers. Last week, I focused on digital marketing specifically, but this is not the only aspect of marketing I discussed. So, below, I want to share with you what my most popular marketing blog posts of 2018 are. This way, you can check whether you are up to date and ready for 2019. To find the most popular one, scroll all the way to the end! Continue Reading →

Entrepreneur, Focus on Your Personal Brand This Year

When it comes to being a truly innovative entrepreneur, having a personalized online footprint is essential to your business strategy. An effective personal brand can help build new relationships and get you noticed by a new customer. It can help you build community, establish your authority, and make you more money. This blog addresses four reasons why you should focus on your personal brand as an entrepreneur this year, fourteen ways to enhance your personal brand, and four mistakes to avoid. Continue Reading →

How to Win with Your Company’s Promotional Products

Given the impact promotional products can have on your sales efforts in this digital age, it is good to revisit the topic. Therefore, in this blog, you will find the latest info on 6 things you should do to make the most out of your company’s promotional products and 3 things that you should not do. Continue Reading →