Why They Do Not Share Your Post and How They Will

You have spent much time writing a blog post and now, your audience does not read and share your post. It feels painful and you wonder what you can do about it. Well, in this blog post, you will find ample of reasons why your audience does not share your post and then, you will find how you can promote your blog and get visitors to your content. Continue Reading →

How to Boost Blog Traffic Without Writing a New Post

Recently, I have read an interesting article about how you can boost blog traffic without writing a new post. I write blogs mainly as a way to continue to learn as an entrepreneur and because it drives traffic to my website. Still, sometimes, I have a really busy week full of deadlines and it can be daunting to take the time to learn about a certain topic and share that with you. Hearing that “more content means more traffic” might not be relevant anymore is a new concept to me. In this blog, you will find 6 ways to boost blog traffic without writing a new post. Continue Reading →