Need an affordable translation?

Do you have an English text you wish to have translated into Dutch or the reverse? Have you written a text in Dutch and would you like to have it checked by a native Dutch speaker?

BudgetVertalingOnline understands that you rather spend your student wages on entertainment, friends, festivals, holidays and the sorority/fraternity than on high rates for translations.

Examples in which BudgetVertalingOnline can be the solution for students:

  • You have a well-written article and now you get the chance to publish it in a Dutch magazine.
  • You have to hand in your thesis or survey in Dutch, and you want this to go well.
  • Dutch just is not really your thing and you need help. After all, you want a good grade for all that hard work!
  • Your sorority or fraternity is organizing an event and you want to involve the exchange students as well.

BudgetVertalingOnline can help you if you need a cheap translation from Dutch into English or from English into Dutch

BudgetVertalingOnline is for everyone who wishes to have a translation into Dutch or English, but who does not want to spend too much money, time or effort on it. BudgetVertalingOnline is also for everyone who has written a Dutch text and wishes to have it checked by a native Dutch speaker.

The text can be professional or informal, ranging from articles, websites and surveys, notes and other documents. Technical terms are not a problem; we can find out together which translation works best.

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