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Most of the feedback I receive is in Dutch. I have translated some of the old posts from my Dutch feedback page so that you can understand what my clients are saying about me. As people give feedback on LinkedIn more and more, you will be able to find some English recommendations there.

Anja Zonneveld, Plato – University of Leiden, December 2014

Greetje has done a good job translating a targeted text from English into Dutch for us. She is communicative and follows up on the agreement. In short, she is a nice person to work with.

Frank Lubbers, On Base, October 2014

In addition to a rapid delivery, my text was translated spot-on. My English is not bad, but I wanted to make sure that this particular text contained no inaccuracies. When reading the text translated by Greetje, I clearly had to acknowledge her superiority. She has translated the text better than I ever could. She is a professional and highly recommended! Moreover, she has given me some tips that I have used immediately.

G. Metz, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, June 2014

I have had a very good experience with BudgetVertalingOnline several times now. It is a very professional service that offers high-quality translations. It is a good collaboration and I would recommend it to anyone.

Offshore Events, RIB-Experience Rotterdam, June 2014

It is very pleasant to work with Greetje. Absolutely great, quick, efficient. She thinks of suggestions for our Dutch texts before translating them into English.

A tweet by BTCDirect, May 2014

Geert Hulshof, Wingstar Insitute, January 2014

Greetje den Holder has already translated three books from Dutch into English for me. I am very positive about her correct and honest way of working. Her quotations look neat and complete. She has more than met the deadline every time. The quality of her translation work is great and it fully meets expectations. She has even suggested corrections in the Dutch source documents.

In short, not only does she do an excellent job, but she also contributes to the further improvement of the texts. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Greetje, good luck with your company. I will gladly get back to you for future translations.

Piet Titulaer, July 2013

I needed a translation at short notice. Greetje den Holder responded to my question quickly and really helped me with a good translation at a competitive price. I also contacted other translation agencies, but they were too expensive or they responded to me a few days later.

Suzan, July 2013

I had important documents that needed to be translated into English at very short notice. I sent an email in the weekend and Greetje responded that same weekend! That is truly superb! I had written several other translation agencies, but I am still waiting for some of them to reply. Not only did Greetje respond quickly, she also offered me a great price and great quality. She finished everything in accordance with our agreement. If I ever need another translation, I will definitely contact Greetje again!

Adriaan Theeuwes, Theeuwes & Partners Amsterdam, July 2013

With great pleasure, we have used the translation services of Greetje den Holder for a number of clients. Great translations, fast service, and a very friendly price. The personal involvement makes it a very pleasant collaboration. Her work for us includes MultiCopy | The Communication Company, Team Logic IT and many others.

Marcel Wammes, Retailheadhunters, June 2013

I think Greetje works accurately and quickly. She does a high-quality job. She has translated my website for me. I thought it was great that when I wrote her an email over the weekend, I immediately received a reply with a quotation.  I am still waiting for the other two translation agencies to reply. Two days later, the job was done. In addition to the quality of the translation, the price is competitive.

J. Dijkstra, Fit-innovations, 2012

Many thanks for the translation of my texts. I have read everything and it looks superb! Very precise and organized in a Word file, ready for use! The translation seems great to me; I have not been able to find any errors.

L. Pameijer, medical student, 2012

Greetje’s translation agency has translated an English website for diabetics and the accompanying application on smartphones for my scientific research. It was a complex text, which consisted of Excel files with single words and Word files. This is translated very well and the texts are now clearly readable for everyone. The translation of 18,000 words had to be ready within a week and she succeeded. She responds to emails quickly and is very reliable. I can recommend her translation agency to everyone.

Anonymous student at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen, 2012

BudgetVertalingOnline delivers a good translation in a neat layout. It does so quickly and professionally for a good price!

L. Grooten, student, 2011

BudgetVertalingOnline (Greetje den Holder) has translated the comprehensive summary of my thesis of 4500 words in two days! Fast and friendly service, contact outside of office hours and a great price!

S. Avakian, 2011

Thanks for the fast and accurate translation. BudgetVertalingOnline is reliable and delivers high-quality services.

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