Instagram Contest: How to Pick a Winner

Instagram Contest: How to Pick a Winner

As I told you last week, I am interested in running an Instagram contest. There was one topic I only discussed briefly: how to pick a winner. I learned that there are several ways that you can approach this important part of the contest. In this blog post, I list several methods of picking a winner as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

‘Instagram Contest: How to Pick a Winner’ As I told you last week, I am interested in running an Instagram contest. There was one topic I only discussed briefly: how to pick a winner. I learned that there are several ways that you can approach this important part of the contest. In this blog post, I list several methods of picking a winner as well as their benefits and drawbacks:

How to pick a winner of your Instagram contest: available methods

There are quite a few ways to pick a winner. I have compiled a list of Ana Gotter and Victoria Taylor’s ideas so that you get the whole picture. Based on the type of contest you have, along with your entry requirements, one or two of these methods can help you to choose your winner.

Do make sure that you do not choose one of these methods the moment you have to pick a winner. You should pick the method that best helps the goals you envisioned for the contest, so you need to decide on the method early on in the process.

Furthermore, the contestants need to be aware of how you will pick a winner the moment you start running the contest, not at any later point. Also, you cannot change the method after you have started the contest. But you already knew that if you have read my previous blog post.  

·       Pick a winner: manual choice

Choosing the winner yourself may require some work because you will need to look through all the different entries to make your selection. Nevertheless, this option offers several notable benefits:

  • You can increase the quality of entries since people know that the “best” photo, caption, or comment will win.
  • You will be able to ensure that the winner’s content is worthy of your prize.
  • You can choose a winning image or other content that you want to represent your brand and will look great when you share it later.
  • You might prefer to have full control throughout the process.

Still, manual choice always carries a slight risk of people accusing you of being biased.

·       Pick a winner: the person with the most votes or likes wins

Unlike with the option above, there is no arguing with the method of choosing a winner by votes. Of course, one thing you need to consider is that you want to ensure no one has cheated. Voting contests are great for brand awareness since people will undoubtedly share their entry to increase their likelihood of winning.

If you decide to pick a winner based on the total number of post likes, it is a good idea to screenshot the post with the most likes at the end of your Instagram contest for a keepsake. This screenshot can serve as proof in case you get complaints about who has the most likes before your Instagram contest ends.

Contest software

Another good idea is to use contest software. The main reason is that it gives you more control over how people enter and how often they can enter. It also allows you to collect email addresses. When using third-party software, you can verify voters, set restrictions, and make sure participants are all abiding by local and state laws. It also leaves a clear path showing who the winner will be so that no one can call you out for playing favorites or foul play.

·       Pick a winner: the person with the most views wins

This one is slightly different from the previous option. You can ask followers to enter your Instagram contest by uploading video content on their page, using branded contest hashtags as well as tagging you. Alternatively, you can ask people to upload their videos on a landing page.

After your contest, review all the video entries and view counts. You can also use the number of likes a video has to choose a winner if two or more videos have a very similar amount of views.

You can use these videos later. For instance, you can repost the most watched videos on your Instagram page or website so that your visitors can see your customers or followers who love your brand.

·       Pick a winner: first person to “x” wins

If you do not want to get too technical, but still want to require continued engagement and encourage high-quality entries, you can tell entrants that the first person to complete a task correctly will be the one to win.

This can take several different forms. An example could be the first person to answer a question correctly. The first person to come into your store and mention the contest or the first person to complete a series of requirements in a scavenger hunt are other examples.

Contest software

If you are using contest software, all the people who accomplish “x” will go into a database. Then, you could use a random entry picker to choose the winner(s). Naturally, if your goal is to collect leads, you will want to move away from commenting. You will want to link people to a form they fill out to enter instead.

There is one potential issue to consider with this method: eligibility. Some brands run into problems when people who are ineligible enter the contest. While there is no way to prevent ineligible people from entering your contest completely, you can limit the number by asking for entrants’ age upon entry, and then spelling out in your rules that only people who are over 18 or 21, or who live in certain regions, can win.

·       Pick a winner: use judges

You can use a panel of judges to choose a contest winner for you. Judges could be influencers, experts in your industry, or members of your team. An Instagram contest that asks for user-generated content is typically the best entry method for this type of contest.

Using judges can add a “wow” factor to the winner selection and additional content for your contest. For example, you can record a video of a round-table discussion of your experts judging the top entries with their feedback to decide who should be the winner.

·       Pick a winner: why stick to one winner?

Add more fun to your Instagram contest with more than one winner. This type of winner selection can be a great snowball effect on your engagement. It builds excitement on your Instagram account because followers will have more chances to win.

·       Pick a winner: why stick to one method?

If you want to add more excitement to your contest, you can use two or three methods to select your winner. For example, in round one, you can select the top five entries with the most likes or votes. In round two, your panel of judges can pick the winner based on best entries.

·       Random selection

Here, you will randomly choose a winner from the entrants who have met all the participation requirements. For example, you can randomly select your winner in the comment section of your Instagram contest post.

Some tools you could use include a random name or number picker or specific apps that require you to fill out some information generate the winner(s) for you. It is easy to find them with a search engine.

This method may increase the number of people who participate because they do not have to outperform their competitors. Random selection also works particularly well if you are looking for mass amounts of engagement.

This method also has its disadvantages. Choosing a winner at random could open you up to accusations of cheating. It may even be illegal, depending on where you are based.

If you decide to choose a winner at random, be sure to contact the winner privately so you can verify one’s eligibility before you make an announcement.

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