How Do You Choose the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand?

How Do You Choose the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand?

Whether you like it or not, influencers are here to stay. Social influencers are essential in internet marketing. It may be hard to find what the perfect influencer is for your brand so, in this blog post, you will find what influencer not to choose and four considerations for when you are looking for a perfect influencer.

I have created this blog post using articles by Bianca Gregorio and Tom Martin.

‘How Do You Choose the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand?’ Whether you like it or not, influencers are here to stay. Social influencers are essential in internet marketing. It may be hard to find what the perfect influencer is for your brand so, in this blog post, you will find what influencer not to choose and 4 considerations for when you are looking for an influencer:

Being and needing an influencer

I know what is it like to be an influencer and to need an influencer. With my blog, you can hire me to write about your product or service that is great for families with small children. Brands tell me what they need from me as an influencer, and I try to come up with an interesting angle. As a result, I have collaborated with quite a few brands from all over the world.

On the YouTube channel that goes with my blog, I vlog at international LGBT+ events. It all started at ClexaCon Las Vegas last year, and I want to go again this year because it is the most important LGBT+ event of them all. However, I cannot afford it, and so I had to announce this in a video. The result is that a crowdfunding campaign was created to get me to Vegas anyway! Within a week, it reached 111% of the goal. It put me in this situation where I was looking for influencers myself to spread the word about the campaign.

What influencer not to choose

Everything has its pros and cons, and there has also been a backlash with influencers. Apparently, some of the influencers available use apps and other programs to buy likes and followers. Gregorio says that 30% of US and UK influencers do not have an organic audience and that this is even higher when it comes to micro-influencers. This means that these influencers use dummy accounts to receive likes, comments and follows.

I am appalled by the idea. As an influencer, this brings me unfair competition. As a brand, this would make me very upset. You think you have access to a highly engaging account bringing you high-quality traffic and leads. What a waste to spend your budget on this. Luckily, there are plenty of websites and apps that can help you spot fake followers. Simply search for ‘how to know if followers are bots.’

Four considerations for when you are looking for the perfect influencer

The story above is why it is vital to choose the perfect influencer to promote and market your brand. These are four considerations for when you are looking for an influencer for your business:

1.     Study the engagement metrics and other insights of the potentiionally perfect influencer

Look closely at their audience engagement. This is an optimal way to inspect their authenticity. Apart from numbers, you should also look into data analysis to make an effective marketing plan. Once you are aware of both the strengths and weaknesses of the influencer, you can find out their target market. There are many tools available.

2.     Take time to invest in social listening

To choose the best fit for your brand, you have to pick an influencer who is relevant to your product or services. You have to invest in social listening to achieve a list of these candidates. How do you do this? You take the time to process which influencers are already fans or users of your brand. Study who your fans are following as well. This can easily lead you to whom your brand’s target audience is in line with.

3.     Look into their technical skills

You have to remember the relevance of technical skills. It takes more than likes, engagement, and communication to market a brand, especially when trouble arises. It is a big bonus when they are skilled in crisis management in their campaigns or when they have a touch of knowledge in graphic design. These seem insignificant but are actually essential for them to maximize the platform and develop their brand.

4.     Communicate with them

It is vital to maintain a bigger perspective when choosing an influencer. Sometimes, you take a simple look at their page, and you think they are already perfect for your brand. It requires much more than that.

This is why it is also important to reach out beforehand to get to know them better. You can ask about previous projects and campaigns they have had and the results that have come from these. Based on their answer, you can see how they have dealt with the less successful ones and if they have improved from there.

If they are on the newer end of the business, you can ask how they deal with problems generally. These small factors are significant in ensuring the success of the marketing strategy. Gregorio says that choosing the influencer is similar to a job interview; both ends put in the effort to build a good relationship.

Do not forget the difference between content and marketing

Martin urges you not to forget the difference between content and marketing when you are trying to find the perfect influencer. Too many companies wrongly assume that just because a person can make themselves famous through digital content, they can replicate that fame/success for the company or its brands.

After all, it is rather easy to make yourself famous via digital content marketing on places like YouTube or Instagram. You are not selling something or facing revenue pressures.

Companies, on the other hand, have established brands, histories, products, relationships with consumers, and thus consumers have expectations of the brand. So, from the very beginning, content marketing to build a brand is a completely different ballgame. Brands also need the consumer to buy something, preferably now. When brands produce content, that content has to produce revenue. This economic necessity is a game changer.

How to succeed with influencer created content marketing

Many companies do not realize that creating content marketing that effectively works as advertising is not just an art. It is science. And not every artist can be a scientist.

First, assess the content creator not based on virality or fame but one’s past performance creating content marketing for brands. Ask yourself and the Influencer the hard questions about actual sales performance or achievement of marketing KPIs.

Second, view them through the same critical eye that you do your in-house or agency produced marketing campaigns. Can this person create content about your brand that will engender the same love and virality that they get on their own content?

Perfect influencer marketing

Google Trends shows a shift in interest from ‘content marketing’ to ‘influencer marketing,’ especially since adblockers are gaining popularity. Brands have been on the hunt for new ways to get in front of their customers and influencer marketing seems to be the answer. In Why to Expect More from Influencer Marketing Now, you will see that nowadays, influencer marketing is being refined and that it is an important element in your marketing mix to focus on.

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