Tips and Resources for Better Online Lead Generation

Tips and Resources for Better Online Lead Generation

At least 58% of marketers who have been using social media for three years or longer state that it has helped them boost sales. On average, marketers spend between four and six hours on social media each week. While marketers do struggle with lead generation and measuring ROI on social, there is no question that social media is a critical piece of your marketing mix. In this blog, I will list some tips and resources that can help you improve your online lead generation through social media, your website or your blog.

‘Tips and resources for improving your online lead generation.’ While marketers struggle with lead generation and measuring ROI on social, there is no question that social media is a critical piece of your marketing mix. In this blog, I list some tips and resources that can help you improve your lead generation through social media, your website or your blog. Read it here:

8 tips to get started with online lead generation

Pick the proper channels. As Marketo says: “Where do you start with social media? It is easy to turn to the most popular channels – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – and assume that you are doing your job correctly. While it is important to use these three channels, do not neglect niche channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and SlideShare. If you are not sure where to start, get to know your audience a little better.”

Align and focus your content

Providing consistent, high-quality content for multiple social media channels, as well as a blog is no simple task. Here is a strategy from @HeidiCohen to help you maximize your content marketing time and budget: “Create all of your content on a single topic at once. These topics can include product information, customer FAQs, how-to / tutorials, styling help, and ratings and reviews. Develop a series of pieces of content to maximize leads. Make sure that your content is contextually relevant to each social media platform and is easy to read. Skip the sales pitch and promotion or your audience will skip your content.”

Expand and establish your expertise

One way to set yourself apart from the competition is to position yourself as an expert within your field or industry. Social media and blogs are a great way to demonstrate your expertise. As Marketo says, it is even better if you can solve a common customer problem in the process.

Social is a two-way street: creating conversations

Marketo gives the tip, as you brainstorm topics, not to be afraid to consult with your customers. One reason that consumers use social media is to connect with a brand on a personal level. They appreciate the fact that a brand is reaching out to them and as such, will not be afraid to share their opinions.

Do not be pitchy

Keep self-promotion to a minimum in order to increase lead conversions through social media. People are there to build relationships, not view advertisements, Marketo warns.

Gate enticing content with a user-friendly form

According to Social Media Examiner, if you define a lead as a filled-out form, you likely already have valuable content on your website that requires the user to provide information to access it. If you are not promoting that form-gated content on your social media channels, you cannot measure leads and conversions. Launch a social media lead generation strategy that uses all available opportunities to promote your gated content.

Amplify your audience with focused social ads

Once you have gained some traction with organic social media lead generation, amplify your results with a smart social advertising strategy. According to Social Media Examiner, social media ad formats have matured beyond basic engagement metrics. With the debut of Twitter lead generation cards and Facebook’s revamped objective-based advertising, social ads have successfully repositioned themselves to support revenue-based business goals.

Optimize social ad conversion with Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics goal and campaign tracking with your social promotion strategy to track social media–driven leads even more effectively. To get started, set up your lead conversion path as a goal within Google Analytics. Social Media Examiner suggests using the thank-you page as the destination of your goal flow. Once your goal is set up, use Google’s Campaigns URL Builder to tag your promoted links as a campaign within Google Analytics. To see traffic, user behavior and completed goals(i.e., conversions) specifically for your social ad campaign, go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Campaigns.

15 resources for online lead generation with social media

Before you boost your social media lead generation, it is essential to be established as an authority in your field through your website, blog, and newsletter as well as your business practices. The tips mentioned above should help you accomplish this. The following resources are incredibly useful for generating leads, and at the very least, are perfect for maintaining contact with your readers, subscribers, and customers.

General online lead generation

  1. 10 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead-Generation Machine by Ann Handley. This “10-step prescription to increase your visibility and attract more qualified folks to your site” is a matter-of-fact way to look at your blog strategy through the lens of lead generation.
  2. 20 Ways to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads by Heidi Cohen.“A blog serves as a hub for customer engagement, from providing supporting information to closing the sale. Be sure you take full advantage of it.” She shares 20 ways you can use your blog to identify prospects and customers.
  3. The Secret to Using Your Website to Generate New Leads by Garrett Moon. Moon explains why you should use your website for this purpose, and then makes recommendations of how to do it, whether you are looking for email or contact leads.
  4. 50 Ways to Generate Leads With Social Media by Amanda Nelson. Nelson shares tips for a variety of areas, from developing your network to utilizing social ads and SEO.
  5. Can social media and lead generation coalesce? by Chris Sietsema. Sietsema discusses whether and how social media marketing can be paired with other lead generation tactics to create new business opportunities.
  6. 25 Tips: Email Lead Generation from Social Media by Krista Bunskoek. Bunskoek gives tried and tested methods to reach your markets – and get email leads – from the top 5 social networking sites.

Online lead generation through Facebook

  1. 6 ways to capture leads from Facebook pages by Amanda Webb. Many companies are obsessed with the number of Facebook likes; however, the more important statistic is a lead. Webb shares ways to prompt potential customers to provide you with more information so you know how best to approach them and convert your lead into a sale.
  2. The top 8 methods to generate email leads through Facebook by Krista Bunskoek. Bunskoek says the best way to own your fans is to capture their email address using lead generating tactics.

Online lead generation through Twitter

  1. 5 New Ways Twitter Can Get You More Business by Amanda DiSilvestro. DiSilvestro reviews recent Twitter targeting changes including TV ad targeting, tailored audiences, broad match keyword targeting, etc., and offers suggestions for how to use them for lead generation.
  2. Twitter Lead Generation Cards: 3 Keys to B2B Domination [Case Study] by Jessica Lee. Lee offers valuable insights into Twitter lead generation cards.
  3. Twitter chats: how to build and define success through data by Lucy Hitz. Hitz offers a comprehensive look into how you can use a Twitter chat for the purpose of lead generation.

Online lead generation through LinkedIn

  1. 13 creative ways to use LinkedIn for lead generation by The Young Entrepreneur Council. Tips range from the simple (introduce yourself, participate) and the logical (research, search) to the advanced (publish articles, be aggressive).
  2. How to use LinkedIn to generate leads by Dave Clarke. In the context of professional networking on LinkedIn, the six-degrees concept can help you boost your bottom line by connecting you with people you can convert into paying customers.  Clarke goes into detail as he offers seven ways to use LinkedIn for this purpose.
  3. 10 ways to generate more leads and referrals on LinkedIn by Jeff Haden. Haden shares a blueprint for using LinkedIn to prospect effectively.
  4. 6 ways to attract more LinkedIn leads by Kristina Jaramillo. Jaramillo gives six tactics to attract LinkedIn leads and show them how you can contribute to their success.

Online lead generation through Video, Instagram and Pinterest

  1. Best Practices for Instagram Marketing and Lead Generation by Annetta Powell. Powel shares strategies and practices for using Instagram to create a loyal following from your target audience and generate leads as a result.
  2. Pinterest lead generation 101: best practices and hacks that will make you a pro by Ginny Soskey. Soskey takes a comprehensive look at what you can do to create and monitor a strategy that will increase direct and indirect leads through Pinterest.

7 blogs on social media I wrote

As you are investigating the topic of online lead generation through social media, you may be interested in reading about social media marketing as well. I have selected 7 blogs that may be of interest to you.

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I first explain the basics of influence marketing. Then, I list 5 tips to succeed in influencer marketing in 2015. I also describe the 10 ‘superpowers’ of the world’s greatest social media marketer. Finally, you will find 6 social media skills to influence the influencer. I hope this will give you a toolbox for improving your influence marketing.

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I give the definitions of growth hacking and growth hacker. Also, I list the arguments of online marketers who believe that growth hacking is just simply online marketing.

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If you are looking for information on content marketing ROI, you will find many different views on this subject matter. Not everybody agrees on the same metrics or even the use of content marketing ROI. In this blog, I summarize the discussion. I also show you what to think about when trying to assess the impact of your content.  I give you 4 types of content metrics that matter according to Jay Baer. Then, I give you Kieran Flanagan’s reasons why content ROI is a myth. Finally, I will give you one more tip on content marketing ROI.

Sponsored Content: What Do Entrepreneurs and CEOs Need to Know?

I explain what entrepreneurs and CEOs need to know about sponsored content. I first give you a definition of sponsored content before giving reasons why you would and would not use sponsored content.

Tips for Entrepreneurs and CEOs to Become Social Media-Savvy

This blog explains why CEOs, top executives, and entrepreneurs should be on social media themselves. It also shows the reasons why CEOs are reluctant to be on social media. Then, it gives the four principles of social media-savvy and presents the seven attributes of CEOs who get social media. You even get four tips from Richard Branson that you can use to your advantage.

Social Media Optimization Tips for Startups and Small Business Owners

I give you a brief overview of what is known about social media optimization and the basic rules. I also list some tips on how to use social media optimization, so that you can combat the content shock.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups and Small Business Owners

Social media and content marketing may seem a daunting task for starting entrepreneurs. Everybody seems to know something about it, but how do you know that what you are doing is right? Moreover, if you do not know anything about it, or only a little, where do you start? This blog intends to make social media marketing a bit more comprehensible for starting entrepreneur and small business owners.

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