The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing

The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing

“I don’t believe in content marketing!” Maikel Latour tweeted on January 27, 2014. Since I was orientating on the subject, I clicked the link. What do you mean? Is content marketing not the marketing buzzword of the moment? Yes, Maikel does believe in it. Clicking that link leads you to his Dutch blog about content marketing arguing the opposite of the title, thus proving the force behind content. Brilliant.

‘The ins and outs of content marketing.’ In this blog, I explain what content marketing is, why it is important and how it works. Find the answers here:

Did you know this about content marketing?

Before I start explaining the whole concept of content marketing, I will first list some interesting facts demonstrating the need for a changing approach towards marketing. I learned most of the information in this blog from the Dutch e-book Word koning contentmarketing – Klanten aantrekken en koesteren met social content from MarketingMonday. You can get it for free.

Did you know that:

  • only 40% of consumers trust TV commercials?
  • only 36% of consumers trust advertising on search engines?
  • and only 30% of consumers trust online video advertising, online banners and advertising on social networks?
  • content that excites the customer/prospect leads to more engagement? That this makes them want to share this content with their network? That this is part of their personal branding? That by sharing content, they show what they stand for and who they are? That in addition to altruism (wanting to help someone with useful information), image building (showing who you are) is the main motivation to share content?
  • almost 50% of the Internet population is active on Facebook every day?
  • almost 40% of the Internet population is active on LinkedIn every day?
  • 25% of Facebook users follow one or more brands?
  • 75% of the people following brands on social media are more likely to purchase something from this brand?
  • content about your product or service shared or created by other consumers or professionals is seen as more objective and more interesting?
  • there are still companies that do little or nothing with social media?

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of target group specific marketing based on relevant, valuable and engaging content, both offline and online, with the aim of establishing new relationships, and preserving and strengthening existing relationships. It contains two types of content: branded content and user-generated content (I wrote the blog The Basics of User-Generated Content about that). Content marketing is ‘the new marketing:’ more relevant, faster, more interactive, co-creative, entertaining and useful. This marketing is not focused on the sale (no push marketing), which is why it is also called marketing of attraction or pull marketing.

Content only works if

Content only works if it is hyper relevant. It should therefore meet at least one of these conditions:

  • solve a problem
  • play a role in the daily life of the recipient
  • provide entertainment

This way, the recipients experience the content as more personal and trustworthy. With all the new developments in the area of the web, social media and mobile, there is a true content revolution. Content marketing ensures that customers and prospects acquire more knowledge and that they are better informed as a result. This gives them certainty and independence. It ensures that people make decisions more quickly and with greater confidence. Inspiring prospects and customers plays a major role in content marketing. People want to get good ideas and improve themselves.

Why content marketing is important

Content marketing is important because advertising and traditional media quickly lose popularity. Content allows for better search engine visibility, brings more visitors to the website, and creates leads, sales results, and customer retention. In addition, content reduces the costs for online lead generation, makes a positive contribution to reputation management. and it meets a need of ‘human 3.0’


Stop selling, start telling and sharing. Content marketing is not a new trend. It is a necessity for an entrepreneur to keep up with the rapid changes in this world. Things happen increasingly less offline and increasingly more online. I think it is incredible when entrepreneurs say that they have yet to begin with social media and that they do not really understand it. Stop postponing. If you find social media difficult, find someone who does not. You can be good at what you do, but people have to be able to find you. That means being where your customers are. Additionally, once they find you, they need to trust you. Post interesting content and allow input from customers or prospects.

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