How to Grow Your Business with Video

How to Grow Your Business with Video

Ever since I started vlogging for my company, a world of opportunities has opened up to me. I have noticed more engagement, more invites to events and interviews, and overall better brand awareness. If you want to learn how you too can grow your business with video, this blog post might help you. You will find out why video is such a powerful and cost-effective medium, and you will find a list of 10 ways to grow your business with video.

‘How to Grow Your Business with Video’ If you want to learn how you too can grow your business with video, this blog post might help you. You will find out why video is such a powerful and cost-effective medium, and you will find a list of 10 ways to grow your business with video:


According to Neil Wood-Mitchell of ThreeMotion, one of the reasons why video is such a powerful and cost-effective medium is its versatility. Therefore, when approaching your video marketing strategy, it is always worth considering how many ‘assets’ you can create from a single shoot. You need to ask yourself some questions before the creation process. What are the objectives behind the content creation and what action would you like the audience to take? Where are they in the sales funnel?

Always consider the audience and how you intend on sharing. There are now countless platforms, both public and secure, for internal and external sharing of your video content. Context is key. In a world where we are bombarded by visual information each day, standing out through professional production will always provide a competitive edge.

Ten ways to grow your business with video

Wood-Mitchell has analyzed how forward-thinking businesses are now using professional content. Here are ten examples of how smart marketers are utilizing video campaigns to gain a competitive edge and grow their business. If you want to learn how to grow your business with video, this is a great start.

·       Social video

Undoubtedly, the fastest growing use of video is for posting and sharing on social channels. The bite-size nature of the medium allows businesses to shoot multiple clips in one sitting, which is very cost-effective. While this can be a great way of connecting and engaging with followers, it is also essential that the videos align with the wider objectives of the marketing function.

·       Crowdfunding

Now one of the major funding streams for businesses at all stages, crowdfunding shows no sign of slowing down. For many startups, having a great launch video can make or break their chances of reaching the target. All crowdfunding videos are not made equal, so ensure you have researched your market and your supplier and understand what information is required.

·       3D animation

With an ability to demonstrate complex processes and showcase products, 3D animation offers marketers unparalleled advantages. Production is usually labor intensive, and application should be carefully considered. Ensure that your supplier is experienced and capable of delivering a satisfactory render quality.

·       Event promotion

The ability to present promotional videos in the run up to your event will greatly increase your chances of generating ticket sales. Executed professionally, your content should also double as a record of the event and provide a library of shareable assets going forward.

·       Animated explainer

Usually delivered via 2D animation, explainers have an innate ability to entertain, inform, and promote your product, process or service. Always consider how far your content can be leveraged, arming you with multiple assets that can be shared on various channels. Costs will always be reflected in duration and complexity.

·       Recruitment video

Forward-thinking organizations are being increasingly proactive in the manner in which they recruit talent. The need to attract and secure the best candidates requires teams to think out of the box and find new ways to promote company values. Recruitment videos can be equally important for employee engagement, ensuring teams feel valued.

·       Brand awareness

Few mediums can communicate emotion as video can. It is this ability to build the brand through professionally shot, evocative images that helps video trump other formats. Used tactically as part of a wider strategic marketing campaign, a video will deliver dividends.

·       Video marketing

This refers to the use of paid advertising across major social channels. The ability to laser audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn provide unrivaled access to your target customer. When professionally executed, attention is still relatively low cost. Combined with great content, this approach can be hugely effective.

·       Process video

In a training environment, the need for clarity and consistency is key. You can use it in a traditional training environment or to assist during sales presentations. Well-constructed process videos communicate messages in a format that is both entertaining and memorable.

·       Corporate presentation

No one enjoys ‘death by PowerPoint.’ While there will always be a requirement for this style of delivery, there is an increasing need for video content that will support presenters. Not only will this create impact, but also helps audiences digest and retain your information. There are many ways that corporate video can be deployed, so be sure to seek advice first.

Rock your video content

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