Why so cheap?

Why is BudgetVertalingOnline so cheap?

One-man business

BudgetVertalingOnline is a one-(wo)man business from home. Therefore, no costs for permanent staff or offices will be included in the price. Furthermore, BudgetVertalingOnline is, as the name says, an online agency. Our collaboration is completely digital, so there are no costs for preprinted envelopes and letters, no costs for pre-printed giro credit slips and the like, and no high costs for telephone services. Less paperwork is also better for the environment!


Instead of a sworn translator with degrees and certificates in translating, the translator is a Young Professional that works from years of following English bachelor and master programs, translation experience and living in the United States and Ireland.

Own management

Finally, the translator tries to do as much management as possible, so there are no costs for agencies that manage social media, accounting, or the like.

That is why BudgetVertalingOnline is so cheap!

Therefore, knowledge and experience are present, while the costs that translation agencies with sworn translators irrevocably bring are not. This is advantageous to you!