Video Marketing Trends the Entrepreneur Should Embrace

Ever since I started adding vlogs to my blogs at, a world of opportunities has opened up to me. I have noticed more engagement, more invites to events and interviews, and an overall better brand awareness. Video is here to stay so the entrepreneur should embrace it and follow the current video marketing trends to make the most out of it.
This blog will first give you some new statistics so you know how important it is for you to add video to your marketing mix ASAP and then, it will discuss the video marketing trends. Continue Reading →

How Can Current Digital Marketing Trends Help the Entrepreneur?

Online marketing has changed a lot over the last few years so what worked for you last year might not work for you this year. One of your jobs as an entrepreneur is to keep up with this change. Your ability to create leads comes down to building trust and intimacy with those who need you the most and convincing them you are the most relevant choice. This might be overwhelming though. Consequently, in this blog post, I will discuss ten current digital marketing trends and what they mean for entrepreneurs. Continue Reading →

What to Expect from Circular Economy This Year

February 20th and 21st, 2018, the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee hosted the third Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference in Brussels. This stakeholder conference brought together businesses, local authorities, and citizens to discuss recent initiatives and new areas of action in the transition to a more circular, resource-efficient, and low-carbon economy. In this blog, I will dive into the opening speech of Frans Timmermans to find out what we can expect from circular economy this year and the next few years. Continue Reading →

9 Tips on How to Make Female Entrepreneurship Move Forward

We can all easily list names like Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, Jobs, Branson, Dell, and Gates but how about powerful female entrepreneurs? It is clearly time for female entrepreneurship to move forward. In this blog, I do not want to show how bad the situation is. There are plenty of articles about that with plenty of statistics. In this blog, 3 key reasons are given why there have been so few female entrepreneurs over the years. Then, I show what women can do to overcome the barriers and become a successful entrepreneur. Finally, I list 6 books that might inspire you if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur as a woman. Continue Reading →

Entrepreneur, Focus on Your Personal Brand This Year

When it comes to being a truly innovative entrepreneur, having a personalized online footprint is essential to your business strategy. An effective personal brand can help build new relationships and get you noticed by a new customer. It can help you build community, establish your authority, and make you more money. This blog addresses four reasons why you should focus on your personal brand as an entrepreneur this year, fourteen ways to enhance your personal brand, and four mistakes to avoid. Continue Reading →

What is the Best SEO Tool for Freelancers and Small Business Owners?

Choosing the right SEO tool can be a hard task as the competitive landscape of SEO tools has become so broad. Using the right tools can make the difference between successful SEO campaigns (with happy customers and more significant profit) and unsuccessful SEO campaigns (with hours of frustration and little to no results).
For small business owners and freelancers, it may even be harder. Freelancers and small business owners have much on their plate and, therefore, they need the best SEO tool out there to make time available for their core business, even though they may not make much money (yet).
In this blog, I discuss why you need a SEO tool and what factors you need to consider when picking the best SEO tool for you. Then, I explore some of the best SEO tools currently available, so you know from which ones you can pick. Continue Reading →

How to Be More Productive as a Freelancer

Freelancing may give you much freedom but that freedom can also lead to procrastination. In addition, you may feel overwhelmed by all the work you have to do. Would you like to know how you can be more productive as a freelancer? This blog addresses how you can be more productive by applying some simple time-management skills and watching your health. Continue Reading →

How to Face Digital Marketing Challenges as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, it can be difficult to wear so many hats without feeling overwhelmed. It is a fact that, as a solopreneur, everything you do will likely be alone or with very little help, at least in the beginning. That means you will also have to face digital marketing challenges by yourself. Fret not! This blog shows you how you can confidently approach digital marketing as a solopreneur in seven steps. Continue Reading →

What Alternatives are There for Small Creators on YouTube?

On January 16, 2018, YouTube has announced major monetization changes. Creators must now accrue four thousand hours of watch time over the course of twelve months and reach a thousand subscribers to join YouTube’s Partner Program and qualify for monetization. This is a big change from the company’s previous rules. As a result, small creators are worried about their future income. What other video platforms are there and how can you make money by posting videos on them? This blog lists ten alternatives and answers if you can make money using those alternatives. Continue Reading →

13 Quick Preparation Tips for a Successful Interview

If you are an entrepreneur, you might get invited to a radio or TV interview to talk about your company or career. This is a fun opportunity for you to get more coverage. If you are being interviewed for the first time, you may be a little nervous though. As I will have my very first interview soon (not counting the one as a student about 10 years ago), I am preparing myself. What type of questions can I expect? What are points I absolutely want to get across? How do I deliver my message the best way?
If you are an entrepreneur about to be interviewed for the first time, this blog may help you. I have found articles that have helped me compile this list of 13 preparation tips for a successful radio or TV interview. Continue Reading →