How to Start a Vlog for Your Business the Right Way

I am preparing for vlogs on my website, which is a Dutch website about lesbian parenting. I have a few LGBT events coming up and I want to add videos to my blogs for several reasons. I am thinking about taking a vlogging course, but I want to be prepared for that as well, so you may read some more blogs about vlogging from me in the future. I love taking you on my learning journey!
As I am a newbie to vlogging, you will find the basics in this blog. Why should a company be vlogging and how do you get started? Are there things you should NOT do when vlogging and how can your vlog have the biggest effect? Those are the questions in my mind right now and those are the questions I hope to answer in this blog. First, I will list reasons why a company should be vlogging and then I will list 15 ways how to launch a vlog without failing. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate List of Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

there are so many reasons why you should be blogging. Just type in ‘blogging reasons’ in a search machine and you will find thousands of articles telling you why you should be blogging. Rather than being original this week, I want to create an ultimate list for you, so you do not have to read all those articles. If you are an entrepreneur and you have not started blogging for your business yet, this ultimate list should persuade you, even if you are a bit afraid of starting. Continue Reading →

Why No One Is Reading Your First Blog [And How to Fix That]

Anyone can start a blog but the real test is getting readers. Getting readers is complicated and for those people looking for answers, I address this issue in this blog post. You will gain more insight into how you can reach a big audience right from the start. If you have already published your first blog post but you are not attracting many readers, you can see where things went wrong. Continue Reading →

How to Write Killer Blog Headlines – The Ultimate Guide

Blogging has never been more important for businesses. However, getting people to read those amazing blogs you write can be quite difficult. One way to fix this is to come up with killer blog post headlines. There is an art to writing post headlines and bloggers have to master this art in order to attract more visitors. Fortunately, this ultimate guide will help you master this art quickly! First, you will find out why the headline is the most important part of a blog. Then, you will find a list of 52 tips, tricks, hacks, and tools to come up with killer blog post headlines. Finally, you will discover 34 proven headline formulas that you can use. Continue Reading →

Quickly Improve your Lead Generation with These 21 Tips

According to Ignite, lead generation is the method of generating interest in your product or service from potential customers. However, 80% of marketers report that their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective. Therefore, it is high time to list some tips that will help you quickly improve your lead generation. This blog focuses on social media and blogging for lead generation as well as lead generation fails. Continue Reading →

20 Instagram Tips I Learned From the Experts

I have only recently registered a business account on Instagram. As a company, you should not be on every social media website just for the sake of being on it as you should keep your account interesting with a steady stream of high-quality content. That requires time and effort.
I have compiled a list of 20 tips from 4 articles. There was much overlap, but there were also new ideas in each and every one of them. Continue Reading →

Everything You Want to Know About Buyer Personas

So many articles are written about buyer personas that it might be overwhelming for the entrepreneurs and marketers who are just starting. For this blog, I have read many recent articles and I will list the most important information here. This way, you know what a buyer persona is, why creating buyer personas is important, how you can create them, and where to get information without having to read all those different articles. Continue Reading →